Talimer changes the game for tech freelancers with jobs, benefits and more.

Let’s call off the soul-crushing, random job posting, hourly-rate based race to the bottom. Let’s say goodbye to the days where being independent means you have to go it alone. Let’s create an easy way for diverse, highly motivated tech talent to do the kind of kick-ass work that changes destinies. Let’s put Freelancers First and unleash a better way for businesses to get amazing sh!t done.

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Talimer’s efforts to blow up everything that’s wrong with the gig economy just got a vote of confidence from the judges of Milwaukee Business Journal Tech Awards, naming us the winner in HR Tech category. Thank you to our team, clients and freelancers!

Are you a freelancer?

We Have Your Back. And Your Future.

Nobody else does it like we do, because we put Freelancers First. From helping you get better work and get paid what you’re worth to dealing with issues like health insurance to giving you opportunities to upskill and grow, we’re here so you can build a more rewarding today and a more secure tomorrow. Think of us as the wingpeople who help you fly as high as you can dream.

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Are you a business?

The Right Fit is Everything.

You can teach a chicken to climb a tree, but it’s easier if you start with a squirrel. In other words, great work gets done fast when you have people doing what they were born to do. We’re not just here to fill seats. We’re here to help you power-up your talent pool, find the diversity your company needs, and find the perfect fits required for amazing things to happen. We put Freelancers First, so they come to you secure, engaged and ready to smash through walls on your projects.

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Full Transparency. What’s in it for us?

The way our business works is based on our Freelancers First rally cry. Unlike staffing firms that mark up freelance talent 50 to 100 percent (meaning the freelancers must take down their rate to accommodate for it), we make sure our freelancers maintain their rates. We charge a modest, transparent fee, which is paid by the business. If you’re a business that means more of your money is going directly to top talent that contributes to your bottom line. If you’re a freelancer, that means you’re getting paid fairly for the value you deliver. And we get to run a sustainable business and keep doing the work we love. See? Everybody wins.

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Here’s to the future of Freelance.

We eat, sleep and breathe this stuff. We wake up thinking about the way the freelance world is now and we go to bed dreaming about how much better it can be. We listen, we learn, we think of ideas. And we write things that are guaranteed to wake you up to new ideas instead of putting you to sleep. This is where we share them with you.