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First Rule of the Game

The Company with the best talent wins.

The difference between the right talent and almost the right talent? Exponential increases in productivity. We find out what fits, and then hook you up with the kind of people who can turbocharge your machine. You get diversity, fresh perspective, new energy, and skills born from wide-ranging experience. They make an impact from the jump and get it done. When you have the right people, doing the right work, winning takes care of itself.


Staffing firms have a very high markup.

At Talimer you don’t pay 50 to 100 percent mark-up on talent, and talent doesn’t have to cut their rates to fit into your budget because of it. That makes us more attractive, which lets us offer a bigger pool with more diverse backgrounds and skill sets. You work directly with freelancers to establish mutually beneficial project terms, and we charge a transparent fee on top of the agreed rate for processing and business services.

It’s hard to find freelancers who fit with our culture.

Our proprietary, hands-on vetting process ensures candidates are qualified, and have the skills your business demands. But we don’t stop at the hard skills. We look at the soft skills as well. This enables us to provide talent that is a good fit for your organization. When that fit happens it means both you and the freelancers who work with you are satisfied and have a great experience.

I’m spending too much time managing invoices and payments.

If your company has a tool for tracking time, we can pull the data from that system into ours. Or you can use our system for tracking and approving time. Our system is built to make it easy to track projects as well. When you have an agreement with us, you’ll be matched to top talent to fit any of your digital needs. And you’ll be billed for all the talent reporting to you or your team at the same time in a way that makes it easy for you to allocate billing to specific projects or business units.

Compliance rules are a huge hassle.

Projects, billing, background checks, work eligibility, insurance coverage. So many things to keep track of, so little time. In a world where it’s common for nearly 40 percent of a company’s workforce to be “non-employees”, it’s no wonder it’s difficult for leaders to have a clear understanding of who is doing what and making sure it all complies. We provide you clear, simple, detailed information on all of it. So, it’s easy for you to run a tight ship.

I want more diversity in my talent pool now.

Diversity is one of the biggest issues facing businesses today. And rightfully so. Everybody deserves an equal opportunity to succeed. And it’s proven that more diverse companies win. Diversity is at the very top of our priority list, and our founders have been passionately fighting for it for years. We know there is a lot of work to do. We’re rolling up our sleeves and doing it. You can look to us for a diverse range of candidates now. And more in the future.

Cake & Frosting

What separates the great talent from the rest?

Before the frosting goes on, all cakes are pretty much the same. Square. Or round. One flavor. A commodity. But add frosting, and any cake can become one-of-a-kind. More exciting than all the other cakes around it. As a hiring person, you mostly only see the cake. A candidate’s education, work history, job titles. At Talimer, we help you see the frosting. Attitude, passions, how people show up, and the impact they make. You don’t need a dry boxed cake. You need “Hell yes, let’s go”, diversity, creativity, savvy and great work with stars and sprinkles.

This is how we do it.

We listen first with finely tuned ears.

Our process starts with developing real understanding of your business goals and your needs. Next, we provide a range of candidates with the right stack to deliver the goods your company demands. We also make sure talent meets your specific requirements for background checks, security, insurance coverage and more.

We make your company more agile.

The world moves fast. And one thing is sure, the skills and talent you need today are going to be different tomorrow. When you’re tapped into our network, you have direct access to a flexible workforce that lets you adapt to the breakneck pace of change in 2020 and beyond. And our focus on fit means you get talent that’s engaged and ready to make an immediate impact on every project.

We know culture matters.

We respect the culture that makes your company different from all the rest. Because we know it’s the engine behind the value you bring to the world. Yes, we make sure our talent has razor-sharp hard skills. But we also make sure they have the soft skills to fit in and thrive on your teams. Hard skills, soft skills and cultural alignment. That’s the trifecta. The three ingredients that lead teams to success.

We help you strengthen your diversity muscles.

A recent Harvard study showed that diverse teams are 35 percent more likely to succeed than non-diverse teams. It’s no outlier. Every case study out there is proving that diversity strengthens companies. We know it can be hard to find diverse talent that meets your needs. That’s why we’re out here, doing that hard work for you every day. Diversity is good for the world. And your bottom line.

The right people are right here.

Let us help you find the perfect fits you need to make great things happen. Click the box below to contact us and get your jobs up on our platform.

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