Workforce of the Future

The Talimer team keeps close tabs on trends in employment. As the country continues to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic, companies and individuals consider what work will look like going forward. Many business leaders and workers are finding that a new “workforce-of-the-future” model, in which businesses have access to on-demand talent for a broad range of roles and where individuals have the support they need to leverage their specific skill sets, offers exciting opportunities. This post highlights a few informed perspectives about options for employers and employees alike.

Return to In-Person Work, Remote Work or Hybrid?

For businesses who expressed reluctance to remote work or engagement of freelancers, the post-pandemic landscape illuminates the benefits of an agile and flexible workforce and the articles referenced below provide data and guidance on navigating the new normal. 

As business leaders debate whether to return to the office, continue to operate remotely or adopt a hybrid model, they’re finding some complexity in returning to in-person operations. In February, the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) shared a checklist of things owners/managers should consider as they return to work. It goes into detail on things like policy changes, how changes to pay that were – or weren’t – made during the pandemic should be handled, benefits, fairness between those returning and those remaining remote and more. 

Tight Talent Market Forces Change

The economy is recovering more quickly than expected and in many places unemployment rates have nearly returned to pre-pandemic levels. The article Post Pandemic Tech Job Market: The Good, Bad and Ugly from Government Technology focuses on cybersecurity but brings to light a range of issues impacting access to talent and offers some potential solutions including ways to engage freelance workers. It links to an article from Forbes titled Succeeding In the Post-Covid Cybersecurity World with The Workforce-of-the-Future Model.

“One significant shift is the widespread adoption of technology that enables companies to leverage on-demand expertise for increased efficiency, productivity and adaptability. 

Known as the workforce-of-the-future, this model connects organizations with skilled, independent workers to fill talent and resourcing gaps within internal teams across a variety of industries.”

Increased Demand Fosters Increased Opportunities

Finally, this challenge of finding talent is expected to be amplified by what experts are suggesting could be a “tsunami” of people changing jobs. Once the pandemic subsides they expect that 26% to 40% of people will be looking for a new job. An Axios article entitled, “Great Resignation” Wave Coming for Companies, describes a few of the motivations, considerations, preferences and priorities being made by professionals as they weigh working remote or onsite, changing careers altogether, finding balance and avoiding burnout. Their choices reshape the way employers hire, offer benefits and manage workflow.

The Bottom Line

As the pressure on business leaders to attract and retain talent increases, so do their options in how they fill open positions and address short-term needs. Skilled freelancers offer businesses flexibility and agility to manage short- or long-term needs and fill skills and knowledge gaps. 

Talimer offers businesses and freelancers a better way to connect and work together. Our unique approach establishes win-win relationships so businesses and freelancers can both benefit from the flexibility of freelancing. 

We provide support to a diverse community of freelancers including access to healthcare, 401(k) and other benefits so they have the security to focus on business goals. And, for businesses we offer a pool of vetted talent, easy invoicing and payment systems and reporting. Instead of high staffing mark-ups, our transparent rate structure is aligned to what you’d pay to employ these individuals directly. 

Talk to Talimer about your specific situation and we can show you how leveraging the power of freelance can give your company a competitive advantage.