Freelancer First.

Look. There are a lot of companies out there that are perfectly willing to make bucks off other people’s talent without providing diddly-squat in return. That’s not us. We put Freelancers First. Our mission is to help you get work, learn, grow, and do the great things that get you the opportunity to do even more great things. Because we believe that when freelancers are happy, productive, secure and doing great work, the companies they are working for succeed, too.



I’m not getting paid what I’m worth.

Getting paid what you’re worth starts with knowing what you’re worth. We give you helpful insight from seasoned pros on market rates and other information you can use as benchmarks when setting your rates. Beyond that, we show you how to better articulate the value you deliver. It all comes down to helping you develop the knowledge and confidence you need to get where you want to be.

I’m getting overlooked.

We start by helping you communicate what’s unique about you – the frosting on your cake that sets you apart from the crowd. Our process considers both your current skills and your aspirations. With this focus, you’re better able to position yourself for the jobs you really want. Then we put our matchmaking skills to work to put you in touch with the right contacts at great companies to get noticed and put in the game.

I’m spending too much time on business B.S.

When you work through our marketplace, we can handle time tracking, invoicing and collections so you can focus on doing the work you love. We also connect you to other business resources and best practices that enable you to streamline accounting, expenses and other tasks that eat up time that you’d rather spend making (or relaxing when you’re done).

I don’t have access to healthcare.

Giving you access to the kind of benefits you’d actually want to have was one of our primary goals when we founded Talimer. We’re proud to say we’ve achieved it. If you work 30 hours a week through us, we can hook you up with a quality plan. Anywhere you live in the USA. We offer healthcare, 401(k), long term disability and other benefits to freelancers across the country. Because we know it’s a key ingredient to helping you feel secure and do your best work.

I don’t have a good support system.

You may be an independent talent, but that doesn’t mean you have to be on your own. We offer a network of like-minded people you can connect with. Meet freelancers at every stage of the game, from just getting started to kicking ass and taking names to nearing retirement. Take part in roundtables where you can meet on-line to talk about challenges and insights. Connect with an expert if you have specific questions. And get into mentorship, whether you’re interested in finding someone to share their knowledge or sharing yours.

Cake & Frosting

Our way of helping you organize your ingredients to stand out.

Before the frosting goes on, all cakes are pretty much the same. Square. Or round. One flavor. A commodity. But add frosting, and any cake can become one-of-a-kind. More exciting than all the other cakes around it. As a freelancer, your work history is the cake. Your education, your training, your job titles. At Talimer, we help you add the frosting. Your attitude, passions, how you show up, and the impact you alone can make. You aren’t a dry boxed cake. You are “Hell yes, let’s go”, creativity, savvy and great work with stars and sprinkles.

This is how we do it.

We make finding work easy.

We believe in inclusion. We also believe it is the responsibility of the people in power to make it happen. This isn’t a new belief. It’s something we have been dedicated to in our professional lives for years. And we’re tired of how long it’s taking for America to make real progress. That’s why diversity is top priority in our own company, and in the freelancers we support. More opportunity for all means a better world for all. Everyone deserves an equal opportunity to kick ass.

We help you focus on making.

We know you didn’t get in this to spend half your time doing boring business-related stuff. We provide business support so you can concentrate on doing the work you love. Best practices, templates, community and other resources that make bookkeeping stuff, accounting stuff, legal stuff and all the other stuff that comes between you and making your magic quick and done.

Where do you want to grow today?

Maintaining your A-game requires effort because the world is moving fast. We don’t just think about where you are now. We think about where you want to grow. We give you honest, useful feedback to help you win more business.

Ready to Rock?

The door is open. Businesses need you. There’s great work to be done.