Who we are.

We are the rebels who looked at the way the tech work world was evolving and knew there had to be a better way for all. A way to help talented independent professionals be more successful. A way to make it easy for businesses to get the people they need to do amazing work. A way to turn the trend toward independent workers into an opportunity to make a more thriving, dynamic, creative business world. We are the optimists who believe secure, independent workers can be a breath of fresh air for any company that hires them. We’re on a mission. And we won’t stop until we see our dream make things better for everyone.

This is Our Creed.

Our Priority.

We believe in inclusion. We also believe it is the responsibility of the people in power to make it happen. This isn’t a new belief. It’s something we have been dedicated to in our professional lives for years. And we’re tired of how long it’s taking for America to make real progress. That’s why diversity is top priority in our own company, and in the freelancers we support. More opportunity for all means a better world for all. Everyone deserves an equal opportunity to kick ass.

Integrity & Trust.

We believe in integrity and trust. Say what you do and do what you say. It’s a simple lesson your grandparents probably taught you, but it’s also at the heart of every successful business relationship. We’re here to do what’s right. Not just what makes the most money. Expect straight talk, no B.S., and promises kept.

People First.

We believe people come first. In a world where marble-hearted corporations often treat people like numbers on a spreadsheet, we take a different approach. Connection, support, and being human are what build enthusiasm, loyalty and commitment among teams. When you have that, profits and success follow. Because then you have people who are willing to go the extra mile, and the last painful inch, to get across the finish line.

Been There, Done That.

Enterprise staffing, HR strategy, diversity, inclusion, equity, digital business transformation, agency ownership, budget management, start-ups, global marketing operations, corporate innovation, mentorship, project management, digital development. Our team has decades of experience on the front lines getting it done. Our combined experience includes 35 years in the staffing industry; 40 years in corporate business development; 25 years in digital platform development; 30 years working for diversity, equity and inclusion, and more long days and late nights than you can count. We know the landscape. We know the issues. We know the opportunities. We know how to hit the curve balls out of the park.