It’s Time to Rewrite the Rules of the Freelance Game so Everybody Wins

We are living in rapidly changing times. Either by choice or because of all the !&*%! happening in the world today, more and more people are working independently. More and more companies are relying on freelance work. More and more of our economy is based on freelance income. It’s time to rip up the old rule book and completely change the game. It’s time for a new set of rules, where everyone can play, and everyone gets to win. If we’re going to get our country and our economy solidly on the road to a prosperous future for everyone, it’s time to make freelance work, work better for all. 

Preamble, definition of terms:

A highly qualified and vetted professional in their area of expertise, and member of Talimer working as an independent contractor, is hereinafter referred to as “Freelancer” for short.

Companies that contract for talent through Talimer are hereinafter referred to as “Clients.”

The completion of a project or assignment by a freelancer or team of freelancers who deliver the highest level of quality resulting in a highly satisfied client are hereinafter referred to as “Home runs.

Day-to-day successes in meeting the needs of clients and freelancers, which combined add up to “Home Runs” are hereinafter referred to as “Victories.

The organization which brings together and supports diverse, highly qualified professional freelancers with exceptional clients is hereinafter referred to as “Talimer.”

Section 1, Article 1

The freelancer shall be put first. 

Section 1, Article 1.1

Freelancers shall be supported so they can be happy, confident and fulfilled, allowing them to concentrate on making things instead of worrying about distractions. 

Section 1, Article 1.2

Non-distracted freelancers shall deliver their best work to their clients.

Section 1, Article 2

Everyone who plays shall reap the rewards. 

Section 1, Article 2.1

Rewards shall be delivered in the form of engaging work, good pay, completed projects and assignments of the highest caliber, opportunities to grow, kudus for jobs well-done, and other good things as determined by the participants.

Section 1, Article 3

No one shall be excluded. 

Section 1, Article 3.1

All kinds of people from all walks of life shall have the opportunity to work on projects and assignments that let them display their unique talents. 

Section 1, Article 3.2

Clients shall be offered a diverse talent pool. The game will be open to every age, race, sex, gender, non-gender, age, sexual orientation, religion, non-religion with equity and cool projects for all.  

Section 1, Article 4

Quality health insurance shall be made available to freelancers nationwide. Freelancers shall no longer have to worry about getting access to good coverage. No new freelancer’s leap into independent work shall be inhibited by questions about health insurance. Freelancers shall be allowed to be fearless in their work and in their health insurance.

Section 1, Article 5

Happy freelancers shall do kick-ass work on the daily.

Section 1, Article 5.1

Happy clients shall enjoy the benefits of kick-ass work on the daily.

Section 2, Article 1

Freelancers shall be given steady access to good opportunities. They shall be allowed to spend more time making and less time selling themselves. 

Section 2, Article 2

Freelancers shall get paid what they’re worth. Freelancers shall receive helpful insight from seasoned pros on setting their rates based on industry benchmarks and professional organizations.

Section 2, Article 2.1

Freelancers shall receive advice, support, and insight on how to best articulate their value and market themselves in a positive and authentic way. Bright lights shall be shined on each freelancer’s unique talent, skills, and attitudes that distinguish them from others.

Section 2, Article 2.2

Clients who hire freelancers shall be given an easy way to locate the freelancers who have the hard skills and soft skills to deliver required work and fit with their company culture.

Section 2, Article 2.3

Hiring managers will be given carefully vetted and qualified choices. Cattle calls that present hiring managers with a migraine-inducing number of non-qualified choices shall be called foul. 

Section 3, Article 1

Diverse teams with wide-ranging backgrounds, experiences, insights and skills will take the field on every project.

Section 3, Article 2

Home runs shall be delivered by freelancers working through Talimer.

Section 3, Article 2.1

Home runs shall be expected by companies hiring through Talimer.

Section 4, Article 1

Boring, time-sucking paperwork will be cut to the bare minimum for freelancers, with support given to streamline accounting, expenses, and other business-running tasks.

Section 4, Article 2

Administrative tasks related to compliance, background checks, and human resources shall be made quick and easy for hiring managers.

Section 4, Article 3

Freelancers shall get paid on a regular basis and not have to wait the 30, 60 or 90 days many companies take to pay their suppliers.

Section 4, Article 4

Time tracking and billing shall be made hassle-free for freelancers and companies.

Section 4, Article 5

Project requirements shall be accurately specified so that freelancers can make accurate proposals.

Section 5, Article 1

High mark-ups by staffing companies that cause freelancers to reduce their hourly rates to keep projects within budget shall be strictly prohibited. They shall be replaced by a simple, transparent fee paid by the client.

Section 5, Article 2

Bidding wars that reduce pay rates for all will be abolished.

Section 6, Article 1

Home runs and victories shall be celebrated appropriately on socially-distanced Zoom-call Happy Hours until further notice.

There you have it. Our New Freelance Rulebook.

Do you want to play?


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