Talimer Cake & Frosting: Articulate Your Job Skills

Cake and Frosting

Cake & Frosting is the way Talimer describes our unique approach to helping individuals hone in on their job skills and articulate the value they bring to an organization. 

How is Cake & Frosting used to articulate job skills? 

Erica Conway, one of the founders of Talimer, has been matching talented individuals with organizations for decades. She was searching for a way to help both job seekers and businesses understand the many factors that have a significant impact on overall success, in addition to specific skills a person needs for a job. 

What she came up with: Cake & Frosting.

She started with Cake & Frosting because it’s something everyone can relate to… 

Even if you don’t like cake (and who doesn’t?), you understand that before the frosting goes on, all cakes are one shape. Square. Or round. And one flavor throughout. Spice. Chocolate. Lemon. While cake is good, it’s the frosting that makes all the difference. Suddenly the cake becomes one-of-a-kind and more exciting than all the other cakes around it. 

This is how Talimer’s Cake & Frosting approach helps you envision and share your skills. 

Cake: What are your skills? 

Cake is the set of hard skills or abilities of each individual. Talimer offers assessments to confirm a person’s capability with regard to more quantifiable things like education, training, specific technologies or software, design tools, etc. 

Just like there are many kinds of cake, individuals have many different combinations of hard skills. All the combinations are good, but most people have a preference and most companies or specific roles require a specific set of skills. 

Frosting: What makes you, you! 

Frosting is the additional – usually less tangible – attributes you bring to everything you do. Your attitude, passions, how you show up, and the impact only you can make. It’s these things that help individuals set themselves apart and find the right culture match. Our focus on these factors is what gets us to fit faster. 

If you’re a talented individual interested in how Talimer can help you describe your unique Cake & Frosting creation to a team looking for you – or – if you’re a manager seeking just the right Cake & Frosting for your team … contact us today.


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