5 Ways Freelancers Can Supercharge Your Business

How long does it seem it’s been since you got up in the morning, took off on your commute, stopped on the way for some coffee, went up the elevator, said hi to co-workers, went to your desk, and got to work?

How long does it seem it’s been since you had a solid forecast for your business and budgets you could count on? Or visibility into the projects you’d be doing 3, 6, 9 or 12 months from now? Or exactly what type of talent you would need to make those projects a success?

The way the world worked in 2019 seems like it might as well be a century ago. Because, to quote The Notorious B.I.G. “Things Done Changed”.

Yes, there’s a dark side to all the change. Coronavirus, racial injustice, record unemployment, murder hornets, double hurricanes, even a meteor headed our way. This is real upheaval. But if history has taught human beings anything, it’s that every cloud of chaos comes with a silver lining of opportunity to make things better.

We’ve already seen a massive movement to end racial injustice in America, and commitments from companies across the nation to take real action to create lasting cultural change and equal access for all in the workplace. We’ve seen the benefits and increases in productivity that come from giving people the freedom to work remotely. And we’ve seen an abrupt end to the inertia that makes it hard to move away from the same old way of doing things, because those ways no longer work. 

Right now, today, there is more talent moving (by choice or by circumstance) into independent work than at any time in history. These are highly motivated, highly experienced, highly skilled people with a wealth of experience to put to work for any company with the vision to tap into this resource.

Also, we know, from real world experience, that teams of people working remotely are actually more productive than teams who worked the old way by coming into the office five days a week. It’s been proven over and over again.

All of that makes one thing crystal clear: 

Businesses can have the confidence to break the shackles of the old way of doing things. They can take advantage of the wealth of talent now available, not only in their own market, but across the country, and now we have the technology and bandwidth to bring them together.

In 2020, freelance can be the supercharger for business and the economy because the rules have changed and the limitations have been shattered.


If you want to bring people of different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives together there is no faster way to do it than by tapping into independent workers for your next project. It’s a way to stop talking about diversity and actually hire a diverse group of people right now and get to work enjoying the competitive edge diverse teams bring to businesses.


Freelancers don’t get complacent, they don’t get bored, they don’t get tired of the same old grind. They come into a project with new energy and new ideas to bring to the table. You always stimulate and energize the in-house team by adding some freelance to the mix.


Freelancers are working with a variety of businesses solving unique problems every day. Their backgrounds include experiences across different industries. There’s no faster way to add knowledge born from experience and streetwise thinking to your team.


New people have a way of coming in and not looking at problems and solutions in the same old way. Mixing the new perspectives freelancers bring to the knowledge and experience of the people in your company can get you places you could never get to any other way.


You are no longer limited to the talent you can find in your market, or recruit to make the move to work fulltime in your company. Any business, in any size market, can have access to the best talent there is. That means a company in New Bedford, CT can put the same level of talent to work as a company in New York, NY. This is the first time in history this has ever been true.

At Talimer, we’re here to help you move seamlessly from the old way of doing things into the new by making it easy and hassle free to put freelance talent to work for your business.

Talk to us, and we’ll help you unleash a powerful new way to get amazing work done.

Erica & Ken


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